intentional discipleship process at st. john

The purpose of the intentional discipleship process at St. John is simple - to better equip God’s people to commit to the discipleship lifestyle, which is walking the way of Jesus and being disciple-making disciples. We break this process down into four parts:


Do any of these statements ring true? You feel like there's more to following Jesus than showing up once-a-week . . . You have a desire to serve others like Christ, but not sure how . . . You have people you love who don't know Jesus but you don't feel equipped to reach out to them. If so, then the D.1 retreat is for you. We offer them several times throughout the year and the next one is on Saturday, April 13. Click on this link for more information and to register.


The D.2 Huddle builds upon the retreat as you commit to the discipleship lifestyle. This 12-session group invests more time in questions like "Why do I need to live as a missionary in my everyday life?" and "How do I live as a missionary in my everyday life?" This Huddle also focuses on encouragement and accountability for the participants. New Huddles will start when enough D.1 participants commit to this next step. These will meet either in person or digitally, depending on the desires of the participants.


The D.3 Community allows you to grow alongside others who have committed to the discipleship lifestyle. Each community consists of individuals who have gone through the D.1 and D.2 portions of the process. These communities meet for mutual accountability, encouragement, and growth in the discipleship lifestyle. Each community is ongoing with its own schedule and rhythm as determined by the participants.


D.4 is for those individuals who have have gone through D.1 and D.2, are actively involved in a D.3 Community, and desire to be a key leader in St. John's intentional discipleship process.