Community Conversations

Join us on Sunday, May 7 at 11:45 am for A Lifetime Gift™. Lunch will be provided.

We plan for so many things in our life; weddings, children, school, college, buying a home, vacation, retirement… but we are not particularly good at planning for death.  And yet, it is the one thing we are all guaranteed to do one day.


We’ll be joined by the creator and facilitator of A Lifetime Gift™, Shelly Halverson. Shelly will share information based on her personal experiences, her research, and her training about how to prepare for the end of your life. Each participant will walk away with tools and resources to help their family celebrate their life – and understand what steps can be taken now, to avoid stress later. Open to all ages and stages.

Give A Lifetime Gift™ to your loved ones.

This presentation includes a workbook. Please sign up so that we can be prepared and have enough materials.

We want to address the larger issues affecting our Woodbury and Washington County communities by providing a space and speakers to facilitate conversations about those topics.

These conversations will address a wide range of issues from opioid abuse to suicide prevention to senior living to race and the church. We host our Community Conversations twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring.